SGILAB is provided with the following technologies:

Equipment for percussion boreholes, soil sampling and micropiezometers installation (maximum depth: 10 m below ground level);

Submerged pumps for groundwater sampling;

Multi-parametric probes for chemical-physical testing in surface and ground water;

An helix current meter to measure local water flow in channels;

Water/oil prober (yellow jacket type)

Equipment for soil gas survey;

Percussion sampler for undisturbed soil sampling in trial-pits;

Double ring infiltrometer for large scale permeability tests (3.7 m x 3.7 m);

BOUTWELL permeameter for in-situ permeability tests;

Sand volumeter for in-situ density tests;

Sound level meters (integrators and analysers);

Accelerometers for measuring of vibrations;

Meteo stations;

Devices for air quality monitoring;

Equipment for high-resolution photogrammetry (by airship)*;

Equipment for air emissions monitoring at low altitude (by airship)*;

GPS equipment for highly accurate land surveying.

*  In collaboration with Center of Geotechnologies at University of Siena - Italy